Frequently Asked Questions

What is an urgent care center?

An urgent care center is used for episodic care for patients with medical conditions that require treatment. When experiencing a non-life threatening situation (but could lead to potentially harmful outcome if not treated in a timely fashion), a patient can receive treatment at Immediate Care rather than seeking treatment at an emergency room. Patients should inform their Primary Care physician of such visit and consult him or her for follow up care. If the patient is in a life-threatening situation, please call 911 right away for care. Immediate Care is a full-service urgent care center, meaning that we have physicians, diagnostic tools and labs on-site so we can diagnose and treat most patients in one visit. This saves time and money for patients and insurance companies.


Are all urgent care centers alike?

No, not all urgent care centers are alike! The quality of providers and the level of services vary widely. To assure the highest quality care, look for a center that is accredited by the Urgetn Care Association (UCA), which is recognized nationwide as the preeminent organization for healthcare accreditation. Immediate Care is one of the very few urgent care centers in the state that has earned UCA accrediation. This signifies our commitment to continuously achieving the highest national standards for safety and quality of care.


Do I need to make an appointment to visit Immediate Care Center?

No, you never need an appointment to visit Immediate Care. Come to Immediate Care when you need prompt medical care.


How long will a visit to Immediate Care take?

Most patients are treated and released in about an hour. However, visit times vary depending on the number of patients at the center and the severity of their injuries or illness. Patients who require tests, such as x-rays or labs, may require some additional time.


Who will provide my medical care?

Immediate Care centers are staffed by board-certified physicians who are skilled in the treatment of non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses. All of our providers—physicians, physician assistance, nurses and radiological technicians—are dedicated to providing excellent medical care in a compassionate, respectful manner.


How much does an office visit cost?

Our fees vary depending on the level of services provided. Generally our fees are approximately one-third of those charged by emergency departments for similar procedures. Patients are required to provide payment or proof of insurance prior to treatment.


Do you accept insurance?

Immediate Care accepts most major insurance plans. Co-pays are determined by your insurance plan, but are usually much less than those for an emergency room visit or those for free-standing emergency departments.