Doctor's Orders

Medical MythBusters: Antibacterial Soap is Better and Sleepy Turkey

Joe Chow, MD


You may have believed these myths to be true for your entire life!  Now, our own Dr. Joe Chow takes on some common medical myths.


MYTH: Antibacterial soap is better than regular soap.

Truth: Wash away this myth. Washing your hands for the appropriate amount of time – longer than 20 seconds — with warm water and any soap will reduce the transmission of bacteria and viruses.  Mission accomplished!


MYTH: Eating turkey makes you sleepy.

Truth: Turkey and other poultry have similar tryptophan levels. If you’re feeling sleepy after Thanksgiving dinner, it may be coincidence. Or, it’s likely you’re sleepy from consuming an overload of carbs, alcohol and Grandma’s cheesecake, then parking yourself in front of the TV to catch the football game.