Don’t Let Sprains Stop You!

WNY Immediate Care provides on-site X-ray procedures to help diagnose injuries quickly and cost effectively, saving our patients time and money.  Our state-of-the-art equipment gives accurate results in order for our team to determine the best treatment plan. You can rest assured knowing that all x-rays are read by a radiologist.


We accept most insurance plans and have the best value for high deductible plans. At the time of service, patients are required to pay the urgent care co-pay as determined by their insurance carrier (typically $25- $75). This co-pay is substantially less than what is charged by hospital emergency departments.  We help provide you a lower cost of care option without compromising quality.


All 5 of our locations are walk-in centers, so there is no appointment ever needed! Don’t take the chance of a more serious injury, let our healthcare professionals diagnose and treat you in about an hour or less.


For more information, please contact a WNY Immediate Care location nearest you.